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Prospective Students

In the fall of 2020, we welcomed 210 new students into the Exploratory major. While the program has grown since its inception in 2015, the EXPL 1010 course itself is capped at 20 students per section to maintain the benefit of being in a close-knit community of peers who are going through this process alongside you.

What can I do to prepare?

While not required, we encourage students to be active in their major and career exploration before arriving at Auburn. Job shadowing, informational interviewing, and self-guided research are all components of the Exploratory program, but outside experiences can be helpful as well. Take advantage of opportunities at your high school or in your local community.

If you applied to Auburn as an Exploratory student or changed your major into Exploratory prior to Camp War Eagle, we will send our Academic History and Interests survey to your Auburn email address roughly 7-14 days prior to your scheduled Camp War Eagle session. The results of this survey help us identify the best overall schedule for you, so it is important that you complete it before coming to camp.

The Academic History and Interests survey also asks about potential majors and careers that you have a high interest in. Auburn has over 140 total academic majors, and the best place to view all of the options is the AU Bulletin, Auburn’s official course catalog.

Incoming students can apply to Auburn as an Exploratory major, or change their selected major to Exploratory by contacting the Auburn Admissions Office at 334-844-6425.

Exploratory did more than just help me choose a major. It eased my transition into college and taught me numerous life lessons, like understanding how to navigate professional interactions and decision-making. Because of the program’s impact on me, I was able to secure an amazing opportunity post-graduation.
- Josh Ourada '19
Josh Ourada