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Exploratory Major

About the Exploratory Major

Incoming freshmen may enroll as an Exploratory major and spend up to two semesters discovering the ideal major for their academic and professional goals. The Center’s academic and career advisors provide intensive and personalized support, including a two-credit course (EXPL 1010) for all new Exploratory majors.

In the course, students are exposed to all of Auburn’s colleges and majors, conduct self and career research, and have the opportunity to connect with faculty, staff, and working professionals in areas of personal interest.

Students also receive one-on-one academic and career advising during their time in the Exploratory major. While students are exploring, we advise them on core curriculum courses to take to stay on track with their future majors.

Our goal is to ensure that students choose a major with confidence while making progress toward their degree.

Once students declare their major, the Exploratory team provides full support for our students as they transition into their new college and major.

Benefits of Exploratory

  • Personalized academic advising at orientation (Camp War Eagle) to help incoming students efficiently navigate Auburn’s core curriculum.
  • Significant support from the Center’s academic and career advisors. Between class and one-on-one meetings, our staff members have roughly 35 points of contact (at minimum) with each Exploratory student in their first semester.
  • Excellent student to advisor ratios. Small class sections (20 students) in EXPL 1010.
  • The instructor of your EXPL 1010 course also serves as your academic advisor, which provides Exploratory students with a consistent point of contact during their time in our program.
  • Support in transitioning from the Exploratory major to a student’s eventual major of choice.

Incoming students can apply to Auburn as an Exploratory major, or change their selected major to Exploratory by contacting the Auburn Admissions Office at 334-844-6425.

Want to speak with an advisor about the Exploratory major? Email us at or give us a call at 334-844-7277. See our contact page for information on visiting the center.

The staff created a family-like environment that helped me adjust to college, and they worked with me every step of the way. Throughout the program, I discovered my personal and professional interests and goals. I also learned how to use my strengths and weaknesses to succeed in my chosen major.
- Sarah Sutter ‘21
Sarah Sutter