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Program Timeline

**Note this timeline is specific to first-time incoming freshmen. Current and transfer students are welcome to use our advising services, but will not be able to partake in the program**

Before Camp War Eagle

On the Auburn University admissions application, select Exploratory as your major. You may also change to Exploratory at (or before) Camp War Eagle or within the first week of the fall semester if you decide to do so at a later time. To change your major to Exploratory prior to coming to Camp War Eagle, call the Auburn Admissions Office at 334-844-6425.

We’ll send you a short informational survey to your Tigermail where we ask you what your current major or career interests are. We understand you may not be 100% sure about your interests, the information you can provide will help us create a personalized advising plan before we meet at Camp War Eagle.

Camp War Eagle

At Camp War Eagle, you’ll sit down with the Exploratory advising staff who will support you in choosing classes based on your potential interest areas. This time allows you to feel empowered in choosing your best-fit major and gaining admission to your top major choice.

Most students learn about the Exploratory major for the first time at Camp War Eagle. If that’s you, no worries! We will have time to talk with you at Camp War Eagle and craft a personalized first semester schedule that fits your unique needs. If you have any questions regarding your schedule after your Camp War Eagle session but before arriving for the fall, you are encouraged to email for assistance (all of our advisors monitor this email account).

Fall Semester

You'll take EXPL 1010 taught by your EAC academic advisor. EXPL 1010 will expose you to all of Auburn's colleges and majors and allow you to conduct research on careers, explore who you are, and have the opportunity to connect with faculty, staff, and working professionals in the career(s) you're interested in.

While taking EXPL 1010, you'll receive one-on-one academic and career advising that ensures you meet core curriculum requirements to stay on track with your future major. Your advisor will fully support you in choosing a major that aligns with your interests and will ensure you meet the requirements to complete your degree.

End of Fall Semester

Ideally, at the end of your first semester, you’re confident and ready to take on your major. But it’s okay if you remain an Exploratory major after your first semester. You’ll meet with your advisor to discuss your interests and you’ll be enrolled in UNIV 1060 to focus more on career options.

Spring Semester

Current students, who have declared a major or college, are welcome to take EXPL 1010 to investigate, explore, research, self-assess, and make connections with experiences across campus.

First-year students continuing in the program, their second semester will be filled with career exploration, job shadowing, and informational interviews.

End of Spring Semester

You’ll transition from the Exploratory Program to your chosen major. There will be significant support from the Center’s academic and career advisors. Drop by between classes or schedule one-on-one meetings with an advisor.