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About the Center

The Exploratory Advising Center (EAC) provides personalized advising and student support to both incoming and current Auburn students. The EAC is the proud home of the Exploratory major, one of the nation’s most ambitious and robust academic programs for first-year students who are unsure of their major. In addition to supporting incoming students with the Exploratory major, the EAC provides academic advising services to the general Auburn student population. Students may be referred to the EAC by their home college, or they may make a self-referral if they would like to meet with one of the center’s advisors.  

Exploratory did more than just help me choose a major. It eased my transition into college and taught me numerous life lessons, like understanding how to navigate professional interactions and decision-making. Because of the program’s impact on me, I was able to secure an amazing opportunity post-graduation.
- Josh Ourada '19
Josh Ourada