Exploratory Advising Center

Academic Counseling and Coaching

When referred to the Exploratory Advising Center, you will first meet with a member of the staff to assess your academic progress. An academic advisor, career counselor, and academic counselor will help you develop an individual improvement plan to assist in you academic progression. You will have on going contact with the staff while with the center.

Students who are experiencing more long-term issues and difficulties, including but not limited to: major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, learning disabilities, abusive relationships, suicidal ideation, and other difficulties that cannot be resolved through the problem-solving model will be referred to other resources for assistance. There may or may not be a cost associated with those services.

Factors of College Success

Many factors influence how well a student will do in college. Many students thought they were well prepared only to be surprised when they find themselves struggling. Some Factors you cannot change like how much you have already learned, where your natural abilities are or what financial resources you came to college with. These may have given you some difficulty in beginning your college career. However, these do not have to keep you from your dreams of getting an education and improving your life situation for the future if you are willing to make necessary adjustments and are open to new ways of doing or thinking about things. Many other significant factors of success are within your control and can assist in turning around what may look like a real mess right now. Explore the areas contributing to college success on this page. Identify your strengths and magnify these while being open to discovering where your weaknesses are so that you can learn to overcome them.

Last Updated: May 29, 2018