Exploratory Advising Center

Student Advising Outcomes

Auburn University believes that advising is an integral part of a student’s education and that it is based upon clear communication between the student and the advisor. We expect the following outcomes to result from a successful advising relationship.

  1. Students will understand their responsibility in developing their academic plans and career choices.
  2. Students will view their advisors as well-informed and supportive partners in the development of their academic and career plans.
  3. Students will view their advisors as individuals who will refer them to other sources of information.
  4. Students will understand the AU academic policies that govern their academic progress.
  5. Students will understand how to obtain academic information.
  6. Students will understand requirements to make progress towards completing their degree program.
  7. Students will complete their registration for the next semester in a timely manner.
  8. Students will understand the student services available to support student success.
  9. Students will understand how alternative career plans may affect academic plans.

Last Updated: May 29, 2018