Exploratory Advising Center

Advisors' Responsibilities

Faculty and academic staff who serve as advisors are responsible for:

  • providing accurate and timely information about institutional policies, procedures, resources and programs consistent with the needs and characteristics of their advisees
  • making advising readily available
  • maintaining necessary files on advisees for monitoring progress toward student’s educational goals, including maintaining electronic notes of advising meetings with their advisees
  • conveying information on academic requirements, policies, and procedures
  • assisting the student in identifying and pursuing educational goals and objectives and in securing information about career opportunities
  • helping the student
    • examine course offerings in the major and relate these to courses in the student’s broader field of study and career plan
    • understand the graduation requirements for the chosen curriculum
  • tailoring the advising approach to individual students and making referrals appropriate to their needs and interests
  • being responsive to discussions of student’s personal values and goals as they relate to academic and career-related needs
  • being sensitive to issues relating to the student’s retention at Auburn University, and making appropriate referrals when necessary/possible

Last Updated: May 29, 2018