Exploratory Advising Center

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Welcome to the Exploratory Advising Center!

We know that choosing a major, becoming educated, and finding fulfilling work is hard. We believe that with support and guidance any college student can learn about themselves and their options, discover the best path to pursue, and find a way to thrive. We in the Exploratory Advising Center strive to provide students with the highest quality, personalized academic advising and major/career exploration so they can discover and pursue a major with confidence. 


About the Center 

The Exploratory Advising Center provides personalized advising and student support to both incoming and current Auburn students. The EAC is the proud home of the Exploratory Major, one of the nation’s most ambitious and robust academic programs for first-year students who are unsure of their major. In addition to supporting incoming students with the Exploratory Major, the EAC provides academic advising and counseling services to the general Auburn student population. Students may be referred to the EAC by their home college, or they may make a self-referral if they would like to meet with one of the center’s advisors.  


Our Location 

Our center is located on the ground floor of Mary Martin Hall. The entrance to the center is on the South side of Martin Hall, close to the Mell classroom building. We are open on weekdays from 7:45-11:45am and 12:45-4:45pm. 


Services to Current Auburn Students

Who we Advise 

  • In addition to working with students in the Exploratory Major cohort, students may be referred to the Exploratory Advising Center by their college/school for collaborative academic advising and counseling. This referral does not necessarily mean that you are required to change or reevaluate your major. However, we do want to meet with you as soon as possible to assess your current situation and identify the best course of action to achieve your academic goals.  

  • Students who feel that they may benefit from the unique services that the center offers are welcome to email us at explore@auburn.edu to connect with an advisor. 

Services We Offer 

  • Academic advising for students who are reevaluating their current major or are working to gain admission to a selective major 

  • Students who want more information about the implications, opportunities, and logistics of switching majors 

  • In-depth, holistic advising for students who are in academic jeopardy 


EXPL 1010 Spring Course 

In addition to the advising services listed above, The EAC also offers the EXPL 1010 course in spring semesters for current Auburn students who are already in a declared college or major. If you are a current student who is interested in joining the spring EXPL 1010 course, please email us at explore@auburn.edu for instructions on how to meet with one of our academic advisors. Students enrolled in the spring course will have access to all of the services that are associated with the Exploratory Major, including:  


  • Career Assessments 

  • Interest Discussions 

  • Career Resources 

  • Professional Networking 

  • Major Exploration 

  • Job Shadow Facilitation 

  • Informational Interviews 

  • Course Observations 

  • University Preparedness 

  • Curriculum Guidance 

  • Registration Assistance 


Feel free to email us at explore@auburn.edu with any questions you have!

Last Updated: December 17, 2020