Exploratory Advising Center

Exploratory Advising Center

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Welcome to the Exploratory Advising Center!

The Exploratory Advising Center supports students wishing to utilize their freshman year exploring the 140 majors offered at Auburn. Students may apply as Exploratory and spend up to two semesters determining the ideal major for their academic and professional goals. The Exploratory Advising Center employs advisors and instructors who provide intensive and personalized support facilitated through UNIV 1150, a two credit hour course. The goal of the Exploratory Advising Center is to ensure Auburn students choose a major with confidence and remain on track to graduate in four years.

The Exploratory Major is ideal for students who are considering majors in multiple colleges or schools. Students deciding only between multiple majors within the same college should consider enrolling as pre-major or undeclared in their chosen college or school. All freshmen who enter Auburn University as Exploratory students must select a college or specific major by the end of their second semester. Students who enter Auburn as transfer students are not eligible to enroll as Exploratory. Transfer students are encouraged to seek support through Academic Support Services and the Auburn University Career Center. More information is available on our Exploratory Major Handout.


Feel free to email us at explore@auburn.edu with any questions you have!

Last Updated: March 27, 2019