Exploratory Advising Center

Exploratory Major Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Exploratory Major right for me?

Yes!  If you don’t know what to major in, we have good news: you don’t have to know.  Students who spend dedicated time exploring their major options are more likely to choose the right major the first time and avoid delays in graduation.  Your Exploratory academic advisor and career counselor will guide you in exploring different majors, academic programs, and areas of interest.  You will have opportunities to take career assessments, job shadow, observe courses, and meet with advisors across campus.  At the end of this journey, you will have your answer. 

What will my Academic Advisor and Career Counselor talk with me about?

While in the Exploratory Major you will work with an academic advisor and career counselor.  You will meet with both of them both in and out of the First Year Seminar for assistance in the areas illustrated in this Vin Diagram.

How do I choose Exploratory as my major?

On the Auburn University admissions application select Exploratory as your major.  You may also change to Exploratory at Camp War Eagle or within the first week of the fall semester if you decide at a later time.  If you need to change your major to Exploratory prior to coming to Camp War Eagle call the Exploratory Advising Center 334.844.7277 for assistance. Only entering freshmen are eligible to be EXPL students.

How long can I be Exploratory?

You can remain Exploratory for up to two semesters. You can transition out to your major of choice at any time but can remain Exploratory for a maximum of two semesters.   At the end of your second semester you must select a major, or at minimum a college, to enter. Your Exploratory academic advisor and career counselor help you to select a major and transfer into that major as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Are transfer students eligible to enroll as Exploratory students?

No. The option was approved only for incoming, first-time freshmen.  Transfer students are encouraged to visit Academic Support Services and the Auburn University Career Center for assistance.

How can I receive more information on the Exploratory major?

We would love to share more information with you! Please fill out our online form and we will be in touch!

Where is the Exploratory Advising Center located?

The Center is located in 101 Mary Martin Hall. Hours of operation are Monday- Friday from 7:45a.m.- 4:45p.m.  

Last Updated: May 29, 2018